Canine Stride

I've always wanted a fitness app that could serve to track both my exercise and my dog's exercise, hence the idea for a mobile app - Canine Stride.

Cover image for Canine Stride
Personal Design Project

"As a user I need a mobile app that tracks my dog and I's exercise and outings simultaneously".

That was the base user story I chose to run with when designing Canine Stride. From there the app idea blossomed into a central place for dog owners to easily find nearby dog parks, pet stores, pet-friendly stores, communities and clubs with fellow owners, and more.

The homescreen of Canine Stride functions similar to most social media apps in that it features a chronological activity feed of owners and their pets activities, followed by recommendations and a grounded UI of what I would perceive to be common actions taken inside the app with "recording an activity" taking precedence and always prominent.

Homescreen design for Canine Stride

Switching to the "Clubs" tab at the bottom serves up the primary networking and community feature I envisioned. As a Border Collie owner I'm a huge fan of the Border Collie subreddit on Reddit and it and discussions on Discord serve as primary inspiration here. Join clubs centered around dogs, exercising, geographical, or whatever you can think of. I imagine the "Club" aspect of Canine Stride to be a vibrant social hub full of events, discussion, networking, and maybe even someday exercise and dog product shopping and reviews.

Designs for "clubs" and communities you can join in Canine Stride

No form of social media or exercising app would be complete without your own profile. Standard par for the course here which includes a little "dog" icon which you can click to expand and develop a mini-profile for your pup (not pictured). Further ideas here include aggregated data for you and your pet based on all activities, fitness goals, and more.

Profile view of Canine Stride

If you're interested in seeing more of the designs for this project let me know!

Project Process
User Story
User Story
Problem(s) to solve
Design Inspiration
Design Inspiration
No need to reinvent the wheel. What works now? What are users expecting?
Take Photos of my Dog
Take Photos of my Dog
Definitely the funnest part of the project
Figma Designs
Figma Designs
Focus on mobile
User Testing and Design Tweaking
User Testing and Design Tweaking
Peer review with active dog owners