Hi, I'm Russ and you've stumbled upon my design portfolio.

Cover image from SoWork - Redesigned User Interface
SoWork - Redesigned User Interface

A user interface redesign focused on an improved user experience with updated branding.

Cover image from SoWork - Design System
SoWork - Design System

A vital project to set product standards and manage design and development at scale. SoWork's Design System established guardrails, created redundancy, and helped secure visual consistency across the company's core product and marketing offerings.

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Cover image from SoWork - 'What's Happening' Feature
SoWork - 'What's Happening' Feature

Through user research we learned that users who immediately logged on to the platform we're having trouble assessing what was going on in the world around them and which of their teammates were around and available.

#Interactive Prototyping
#User Interface
#User Experience
Cover image from SoWork Marketing Website
SoWork Marketing Website

The SoWork marketing website was a fun project that went all the way from napkin sketches and Figma designs to assisting the development team with and Next.js implementation, styling React components, setting up Bootstrap and more.

I would later return to the project to help implement Tailwind CSS, develop new React components and webpages, write case study articles, create new visual assets, and help storyboard and optimize video content.

Cover image from Canine Stride
Canine Stride

I've always wanted a fitness app that could serve to track both my exercise and my dog's exercise, hence the idea for a mobile app - Canine Stride.

Cover image from AudioHammock

An indie music commentary website and podcast created using Bootstrap, JavaScript, and LESS.

Cover image from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

A website redesign focused on improved navigation, product clarity, streamlined search, and clear calls to action.

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